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Build Your Fitness Business with the Accuracy of BodyScript Near-Infrared Technology.

In less than 10-seconds, the accuracy of BodyScript body composition analysis empowers your clients with the knowledge to assess and manage their health and fitness goals.

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BodyScript Ascend

Upright Body Composition Analyzer

The BodyScript Ascend Body Composition Analyzer features the accuracy and convenience of near-infrared technology to assess essential measurements, including weight, muscle mass, body fat, metabolic rate, and total water. Clients are not required to remove their shoes or socks. There are no meal or beverage restrictions. Test any time of day.

BodyScript Ascend Body Composition Analysis

  Gold Standard Accuracy – Equal to Hydrostatic Testing & DEXA
  10 Second Testing
  Body Mass Index (BMI)
  3 Fat Type Analysis
       Total Body Fat
       Essential Fat
       Reserve Fat
  Muscle Mass
  Lean Body Mass
  Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  Total Water
  Results Can be Scanned on BodyScript Mobile App or Printed.

Learn How BodyScript Builds Your Business.

Client Testimonials

“After conducting extensive research and evaluating many products, we found the BodyScript products clearly provide the best technology available in a free-standing body composition analyzer. The BodyScript units are user-friendly, with a safe and rapid testing method without clothing or diet restrictions. No direct staff supervision is necessary allowing more efficient use of staff time helping members. Our entire membership can use the BodyScript units and receive immediate results trackable on their mobile devices. Several months of staff testing validated the BodyScript NIR technology with repeatable outcomes helping motivate them to achieve their health and fitness goals.”

John Danowski, Senior Vice President

Power Wellness

“The BodyScript Ascend made an immediate impact as soon as the first unit was installed. The ability to step on the Ascend and take a complete body analysis test in under 10 seconds has greatly improved the productivity of our training staff and membership sales. Measurements are consistently accurate and the BodyScript mobile scanning & tracking app is a huge bonus.”

Josh Wheeler, CEO

Texas Family Fitness

“The BodyScript body composition analyzer was the foundation of our re­cent ‘Six-Week Body Fat Challenge’ promotion and the response was overwhelming. They call the BodyScript Ascend ‘The Magic Machine’ and rightly so. And that’s great for new mem­ber referrals.”

Dr. Ben Quist, Doctor of Physical Therapy & Founder

Form & Fitness

“The BodyScript Ascend has benefited the women in our fitness studio tremendously. They love that their results can be scanned to their phone with discretion so that no one sees their individual results unless they want them to. In addition, their individual BodyScript results allow them to learn about their health, including metabolic rate and the three types of fat, including excess body fat that could lead to health risks later in life. A huge advantage is how easy BodyScript Ascend is to use. Our members can use it without supervision and without removing clothing or footwear. The BodyScript team provides fantastic customer service and has made the entire process easy for me!”

Carly Thomas

Delta Life Fitness, Johns Creek, GA

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BodyScript Cutting-Edge Technology

BodyScript uses safe, FDA-approved Near Infrared technology (NIR) designed to detect the specific light absorption characteristics of body fat, water, bone, and muscle.

BodyScript Ascend

  • Gold Standard Accuracy – Equal to Hydrostatic Testing and DEXA
  • 10 Second Testing – Stand on the Unit and Apply Light Wand to Your Bicep
  • Body Fat Percentage, Weight of Body Fat
  • 3 Fat Type Analysis
  • Muscle Mass

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