BodyScript Mobile App

The revolutionary BodyScript mobile app allows users to instantly scan their test results directly from the BodyScript results screen. Test results can easily be forwarded to personal trainers, nutritionists, physicians, or anyone directly from the app.

Bodyscript Ascend Demonstration

US Granted Patent # 10,322,313

Body Comp Report

Highlights all measurements & body fat analysis.

3-Fat Analysis

Details 3 types of fat including
essential, reserve, and excess body fat.

Test History

Select a specific time period to view test history and progress.

Test Report Sharing

 Test results can easily be forwarded to anyone directly from the app.

Health Facts

Health facts of each body analysis measurement.

The BodyScript Mobile App is available on
Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

BodyScript Ascend

  • Gold Standard Accuracy – Equal to Hydrostatic Testing and DEXA
  • 10 Second Testing – Stand on the Unit and Apply Light Wand to Your Bicep
  • Body Fat Percentage, Weight of Body Fat
  • 3 Fat Type Analysis
  • Muscle Mass

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