BodyScript Optima

Discover the ultimate All-In-One Body Composition Analyzer.

bodyscript optima, body script optima

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bodyscript optima, body script optima

BodyScript Optima

All-In-One Body Composition Analyzer

The BodyScript Optima Body Composition Analyzer features near-infrared technology that provides comprehensive Gold Standard body measurements for muscle, fat, water, blood pressure, and heart rate. No need to remove shoes or socks. No meal or beverage restrictions. Test any time of day.

BodyScript Optima Body Composition Analysis

  Gold Standard Accuracy – Equal to Hydrostatic Testing & DEXA
  10 Second Testing
  Body Mass Index (BMI)
  3 Fat Type Analysis
       Total Body Fat
       Essential Fat
       Reserve Fat
  Muscle Mass
  Lean Body Mass
  Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  Total Water
  Blood Pressure
 Heart Rate
  Results Can be Scanned on BodyScript Mobile App or Printed.

Test Results Can Be Instantly Scanned on the BodyScript Mobile App

All body measurements encoded inside the Digital QR code.
Simply scan the code with the BodyScript Mobile App to upload and track results or print locally.
No network or Bluetooth connection required.

bodyscript optima, body script optima

US Granted Patent # 10,322,313

BodyScript Optima Results, BodyScript Results, BodyScript Analysis

BodyScript Cutting-Edge Technology

BodyScript uses safe, FDA-approved Near Infrared technology (NIR) designed to detect the specific light absorption characteristics of body fat, water, bone, and muscle.

BodyScript Ascend

  • Gold Standard Accuracy – Equal to Hydrostatic Testing and DEXA
  • 10 Second Testing – Stand on the Unit and Apply Light Wand to Your Bicep
  • Body Fat Percentage, Weight of Body Fat
  • 3 Fat Type Analysis
  • Muscle Mass

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